Did I ask for photo of it?

I don’t understand how guys still haven’t learnt that this puts a girl off. The last three men I’ve dated have ALL sent me dick pics. Yep. So attractive.

I’ve definitely been sent them in the past as well, but these last three were really interesting.

So guy number one… Someone I’ve known for a long time through school friends. He popped back up on Instagram with a little message asking how I’ve been etc. (Instagram plays a big part in many of these stories). We were having nice conversations, back and forth, and really getting on well. I had a good feeling about him as well. Maybe someone from your past comes back into your life for a reason? We’d met up once, then twice, nothing more than a little snog. It was cute. He seemed like a proper gentleman! Then it just fizzled out really. He’d stop responding to messages (thought I’d been ghosted again!) but just randomly sent the odd snapchat or reply to my Insta stories with some heart-eyed emojis or ‘You need to come see me’, but would never follow though with plans.

After a few days of not speaking, I had a snapchat notification saying that he’d sent a video. I thought it would be the usual in the gym or what I’m eating kind of video but I just did not expect this. A video, in the shower, music on, dancing. Everything hanging out. It was actually quite entertaining, but WHY!? I hope I speak for a lot of the female population when I say we just don’t want to see it! I don’t feel like I send any signals that suggest I would want to receive these? They’re not exactly pretty either are they?

I swear to God if I get anymore from guys, I’m going to ghost them myself!!


Dick pic guy number two will follow in the next blog post. Number three is my fave though. I cannot wait to relive that one…


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