Going off topic… But good news!

So I know I promised the next dick pic story and it’s been a couple of months since I’ve written my last post, but I’ve actually had some good luck with dating, finally!!

I’ve been dating a guy for the last 2 months which is going really well, my luck has changed! (I’ve probably just jinxed this though.) When people ask how we met, they’re all expecting us to say ‘Tinder’ or ‘Online’ somehow, but we actually met on a night out, who’d have thought it! a ‘Normal’ way of meeting people. I thought I’d never hear from him again after giving him my number, but I had a text off him as soon as I got in!

At least it’s a slightly better story than ‘we both swiped right’!! Although I had definitely had a fair few gins that night and couldn’t remember bumping into him at the bar.

Now the next dilemma is when you consider yourself ‘official’. Are we boyfriend and Girlfriend? Do we have to have ‘the conversation’? When I discuss it with anyone above the age of 40 years old they all say they don’t understand dating in the modern day. When they had been on a couple of dates in their day they were automatically considered a couple. That just wouldn’t happen now! Why do we have these rules? Why did we have to complicate things? And how long should we wait before having this conversation together?

There are so many questions and rules we have to follow these days, I don’t like it! We feel like we have to comply by these dating rules. Am I just ‘seeing’ someone at the moment? Who knows when or if we’ll reach the next stage but I just know that I am enjoying his company at the moment. It’s been so great to be able to be my stupid-self around him as well. He’s definitely gotten to a comfortable stage, he’s started farting around me now. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it’s funny how it doesn’t bother me, I just laugh. Good sign??!!


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