Back on track.

So I promised another dick pic story, story number 2.

This was a disappointing one. A guy that I had known and had a thing with on and off since I was 18, so just over 9 years. We met on the first night at University, the pub crawl never the less. It just never seemed to happen for us. It would always end up fizzling out or something would get in the way. We both ended up in long term relationships and to cut a long story short, we just did’t speak for years. After my relationship broke down, I tried to reconnect with him (for some reason). He popped up on suggested friends on Facebook and I thought that must be a sign! We started talking and again, things fizzled out.

Last year we gave it another go as he reconnected with me after seeing I was working in the same industry now. We met up quite often, he’d book hotels for us and take me out to fancy restaurants, but there were many false promises and I just wasn’t happy with the way it was working. He was too busy, started cancelling on me all the time, and there was just a lot of physical distance between us.

Third time lucky?! We started speaking (via snapchat of all things) after I became single again earlier this year; yep, another failed relationship. He seemed more serious this time. More communication, more planning, and I had a bit more trust.

Then it started. Because we lived so far away from each other, we’d send little snaps and videos to each other throughout the days. He started trying to ‘sext’ etc and I just can’t entertain it. I am the worst person for that, I have no idea what to say?! Please someone give me a lesson hahaha. But the day finally came where he sent me a video of it. Playing. Why?! Again, I didn’t ask, I would never send anything like that back? What was it going to achieve? I felt so awkward. And that immediately made me look at him in a different light. I knew it wasn’t going to work from that moment. After 9 years, I knew that it was never going to go any further.

Sad times.

Dick pic story number 3 will follow soon!! This isn’t just about the dick pics. It will make you speechless for a moment like it did my friends when I told them what happened. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!!


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