This one will be a laugh.

Here we go, story number 3!

So I met this guy through work, as you do. We didn’t work in the same department but one of my managers had worked with him before and said he was ‘so lovely’ and couldn’t say a bad word about him. We got talking and he seemed pretty normal at first. Good chat, he was so easy to talk to and we seemed to have a lot in common. He was 10 years older than me, but that didn’t make any difference. He looked younger and he was pretty fit to be fair. I definitely fancied him!

On our first date we went for a nice, sunny walk near his place. We got on really well! We went over to his after walking, he cooked for me and we just chilled and got to know each other some more. We had a little cuddle and a sneaky kiss on the sofa and it all ended really nicely.

After that, he asked me if I wanted to stay over at the weekend so we could have a drink and I didn’t have to worry about getting home. We all know what that really meant, he was expecting sex. Men! smh.

Well I was single and didn’t care at that point, he was HOT. Again he made food and we had a few gins and one thing lead to another etc etc… So it was the first night I stayed over and he was just sooo awkward. As soon as we got in bed he put ear plugs in, turned over and went silent. He didn’t even say good night?! So weird. In the morning things seemed alright so I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and let the silence slide. He did cook me breakfast to be fair as well.

After I left things seemed okay; less awkward, and he was fairly talkative again. Then it started. It seemed that because we’d now slept together, he thought it was acceptable to try and ‘sext’ and send me pictures. I just didn’t know what to say AGAIN. How do you react?

For some reason I really liked this guy so I tried to go along with the sexting as much as I could, or as much as I would allow myself to haha. The third time we arranged to see each other, I just went round to his again and we had a couple of drinks and watched telly. I was up early for work the next day so we were sensible and got an early night. Sex first, obvs.

It happened again, he just turned over with his earplugs in and went to sleep!? In the morning, my alarm went off early and he was going to stay in bed. You’d think he would be polite and at least say morning to me, but no. He groaned and turned over.

This is where it gets interesting and why this was the last time I saw him. I took my bag and most of my things into the bathroom to get ready so I didn’t disturb him too much and make him even more grumpy. As I was getting ready, I heard his bedroom door close. After I was dressed etc, I stepped out of the bathroom to find he had put my phone on the floor outside his door. He’d sent me a text message saying he was going to get some more sleep and to let myself out, the door key was on the stairs. HOW RUDE!! I was honestly in shock! The funny thing was that I’d left some stuff in his room so I still had to go back in and get it anyway. His door made a right creaky noise, GOOD. I hope it woke him!!

I left at 6am for work anyway. An hour or so after starting work he text me. He said he had never known someone to move so much in their sleep and that he gets angry if he doesn’t get enough sleep. For one, why invite me round on a school night knowing you have work in the morning? And two, I’m obviously to going to sleep very well in someone else’s bed that I’m not used to. It was a joke (not the funny kind).

I tried to laugh it off at first but I just had to tell him how much that annoyed me. Over the next week or so he carried on trying to text and sext and send pics etc. I was just being off with him. Eventually I told him that I didn’t want to see him again and tried to call things off. He then proceeded to send me a lovely dick pic and asked if that would change my mind? Erm, DEFINITELY NOT. That officially made my decision for me. Go away.

This was a longer story than usual, but I hope it brought some entertainment to your day.  My friends either found it funny or were in total shock!


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